2021. How It Was For TFS token

The TFS team is not only the company’s employees but also our huge community! We thank everyone for their contribution to the token’s development and wish you incredible victories, profit, and growth next year!

It has long been a tradition to sum up the results of the year and in this article, we want to share our achievements, results, and plans.

2021 became the starting point for the TFS token into the public space. Our team has launched a unique asset that has already gone down in the history of gaming and the crypto world.

Start of the token development and unique programs

At the beginning of 2021, users of the Fairspin platform got a unique opportunity to multiply their tokens thanks to the launch of the Play To Earn and Hold To Earn programs.

Play To Earn is a godsend for any player, as for every bet the user receives a tokenized cashback. TFS is a play-to-earn asset that changes the standard gaming model.

In total, 29 287 214 TFS has been received by users since the launch of Play To Earn.

Fairspin gamers appreciated this program and began to delve deeper into the philosophy of the TFS token, which is based on building an honest and transparent gaming environment through the integration of blockchain technology.

The next achievement in 2021 is the launch of the Hold To Earn program, which is an example of classic crypto staking, but with some improvements.

The users put their tokens from Play To Earn on the holding and actively received their shares from the Fairspin pool. This program has already brought $669 469 to TFS owners and this is just the beginning!

In the TFS Telegram Community, members actively shared their results and one of them received $100 each week.

TFS Token Sale

Against the background of improving programs and introducing new technical approaches, the TFS Token Sale was launched.

Just a little spoiler: all sales rounds have been successful!

The Sale started with the TFS Private Sale, which ended with a hard cap in less than a day. We are grateful to our investors for their trust and to our community for such support.

Immediately after the Private Sale, the start of the first round of the Public Sale was announced, within which 91 999 966 TFS tokens were sold at a price of $0.003.

During this time, our community began to demonstrate active scaling and many people began to learn about TFS, which also reflected in the success of the first round of the Sale.

After the end of the first round, those wishing to receive TFS tokens still have a chance to join the second round of the Sale. The community was happy to receive this news as we canceled the lockup period for tokens purchased within this round!

In the second round of the Public Sale 159 422 781 TFS was sold.

Since the project is completely open and transparent, we invited our community to choose a further path for token development. It was organized a poll, as a result of which it was decided to go to IDO!

A partnership was concluded with one of the top-ranked launchpads — TruePNL. The interest from their community once again confirmed the right decision to enter the IDO round. As a result, this round was also successful, and all TFS owners still have to wait a little before the token goes to market.

TFS Listing on DEX

Finally, this day has come! The TFS team and community have been eagerly awaiting this news release. The TFS token was listed on the top DEXs — Pancake Swap and Uniswap.

By the end of 2021, we have overcome many obstacles, fixed technical problems, and made our own conclusions. Now the token price depends on market conditions and on your belief in its future.

As planned, after listing, we burn some of the tokens in order to increase the rate. You can read about this in detail here.

A buyback program has already been launched too. It’ll also have a positive effect on the TFS price.

In 2022, we’re preparing a lot of interesting and exclusive things for you! We’re confident that our users are not only the owners of the crypto asset but also the real ambassadors of the new gaming reality, where honesty, transparency, and new opportunities are in the foreground.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!




Official Medium Account of TFS Token | tfstoken.com

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TFS Token

TFS Token

Official Medium Account of TFS Token | tfstoken.com

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