5 ways to remind yourself about H2E

TFS Token
2 min readMar 9, 2023

Do you wish to profit on TFS, but always need to remember to stake your Tokens?

We’re happy to help! Here are 5 ways to remind yourself about H2E, so you never miss out on extra profits:

1. Phone Timer — Perhaps, the most used method among our users. After you stake, simply create the timer for the period of the hold. Once it’s over, log back onto Fairspin and stake again!
2. Using paper notes — Being more old school, you might want to use paper notes, to remind you when to stake.
3. Integrating it into your routine — If you already have a consistent routine in place, integrating staking into your life is easy! You can hold your tokens after brushing your teeth, or before going to sleep.
4. Make a staking bot — It’s not the simplest option, but it’s the most efficient if you know how to code! Just don’t hack our website in the process and we should be good
5. Have a second monitor running the TFS widget — Being able to constantly check Fairspin stats and the price of the token in real time — what’s not to like? In addition to this, you can re-stake exactly when your holding period is over!

If you haven’t gotten into staking yet, now’s your chance! New users get free 200 TFS to start their crypto journey. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!