Buyback in Action! Transparency Report at the Beginning of the Year

We know how much you were waiting for this news, so we are in a hurry to inform you that the buyback is in action!

The TFS team continues to work actively to implement the set plans. As a result, we are moving smoothly through all the necessary stages to stabilize the token rate and strengthen its market position.

Fairspin is an ambassador for transparent relationships with its users and regularly shares its performance with the community.

From December 22, 2021, to January 31, 2022, the Fairspin platform generated total revenue of $2,228,707.25, and our buyback for this period has been set at $151,274.

In December, we made buybacks for $95 000.

In January, buyback amount was $56 274.

Check THIS DOCUMENT where you can find all detailed data about TFS buybacks.

As a reminder, every Fairspin user can track the platform GGR on the TFS Token page.

And according to the Roadmap for 2022, this data can be tracked in Blockchain Explorer very soon!

What else is in store for TFS in 2022? Check out our Roadmap, and don’t forget to join the TFS community on Telegram, so you don’t miss out on new announcements!



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