Guide: How To Hold and Earn TFS Tokens

Just yesterday we lifted all restrictions and granted access to the TFSbeta for all Fairspin users. Today, we will discuss in detail how to take full advantage of one of the programs available through the TFSbeta better known as the “Hold to Earn” program.

What is the “Hold to Earn” program?

The “Hold to Earn” implies a traditional staking program where users can hold their crypto holdings and get rewarded for doing so. The process is seamless due to the safe & secure integration of the Trueplay blockchain solution into the platform.

What is the TFS Widget?

TFS Widget is a personal & secure program for TFS tokens. Here you can buy or withdraw tokens and participate in the “Hold to Earn” program. Also, this widget shows all stats and events that affect the rate of the holdings.

How to hold TFS tokens for profit?

Every Fairspin user can hold tokens through the TFS widget available in the dashboard.

To get started you should follow this short guide:

  1. Make any deposit to the platform.

2. TFS widget includes all the necessary information about the token price, how many Play To Earn tokens you’ve earned, how many tokens you earn through holding etc.

For now, let’s focus on the holding program — because that’s how you can actually earn tokens and transfer them to any other currency if you need.

3. Her we can see 3 time period options:

We can hold tokens for 15 minutes, 4 hours or 1 day.

Each Hold period has its reward pool — a certain percent of Fairspin’s income shared between TFS Holders.

On these tabs, you can see how many users are holding tokens right now, Average Annual percentage rate (based on Fairspin income), number of tokens on hold and users’ income for holding.

How to Hold and Earn

The minimum amount to hold: 1 TFS

You may choose “Max” — this means you will hold all tokens you have on the balance right now.

  1. Choose any time period and click HOLD

2. Now open the tab “My Active Holding” in the dashboard where you may track how much you’ve earned so far. Please note that the “Gain” meter is based on the Fairspin’s platform income at the moment of your holding. It can be at zero if Fairspin is losing money due to a winning spree of some users.

After your holding period is over, your balance gets replenished with extra tokens earned through the “Hold to Earn” program.

Key points of the “Hold to Earn” program:

  • The amount of tokens that are to be frozen is defined only by you with the minimum amount being 1 TFSbeta token.
  • You can hold tokens for 15 minutes, 4 hours,1 day or more.
  • Your reward depends on the sum you hold, on the number of participants in the program, on the Fairspin’s income during the period of your holding.
  • After the holding period is over, your balance will be replenished back with the initial token amount frozen and extra tokens earned as a reward for holding.
  • If you earn zero tokens, you will be credited back with the initial amount of tokens back to your wallet.
  • Your balance history and all holding programs are always available on the TFS widget.

Here is an example of holding different amounts of tokens for 15 minutes. Every time the Gain percentage is different so is your reward. But the main thing is you never lose and most of the time you gain more tokens in return.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us in Telegram at @tfstoken or ask your questions in our Telegram group.




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