Hold To Earn: Fairspin Increases Rewards!

More and more Fairspin users are beginning to understand how to receive even more TFS tokens with the Hold To Earn program. We’re glad that this tool is perfect for modern users who follow technological trends and love a fair gaming environment.

All TFS token holders have transparent conditions for multiplying digital assets on their balance in just 1 hour/24 hours/3 days (these periods will be available from November 15).

Hold To Earn — is a process of locking (freezing) TFS to get more tokens as a reward depending on the holding period and APR rate.

As the number of participants in the holding program is constantly growing, Fairspin is increasing the reward pool!

From November 15, all TFS owners will share 9% of Fairspin GGR through the program instead of 6%.

Improved holding conditions:

1 hour hold duration — 0.5% reward pool;

24 hours hold duration — 2.5% reward pool;

3 days hold duration — 6% reward pool.

It’s worth noting that this rise in rewards is driven by the increased interest from Fairspin users. You need to understand that your share of the reward will be diluted even more with an increase in the number of participants in the Hold To Earn program. The fewer participants, the higher your percentage in the pool, respectively, the more participants put their TFS on the holding, the less their revenue will turn out.

According to statistics, you can see how quickly the number of Hold To Earn participants and their income are growing.


Holders: 172 participants

Gain: 6,206,275 TFS ($24,825)


Holders: 620 participants

Gain: 19,333,800 TFS ($77,335)

November (1.11–8.11)

Holders: 493 participants

Gain: 22,457,540 TFS ($89,830)

As you see, in September, 172 participants took part in the Hold To Earn program and they managed to receive 6,206,275 TFS ($24,825), and in October this figure was 19,333,800 TFS ($77,335), while the number of participants reached 620 people. And in just the first week of November, the Hold To Earn program brought 493 22,457,540 TFS ($89,830) to 493 participants! It isn’t difficult to guess that this figure will break all records by the end of the month.

Of course, you can already take advantage of the excellent opportunity to increase your revenue figure now, because the number of participants hasn’t reached the peak before doubling the percentage of total reward.

Thus, join Hold To Earn right now and become a member who will have time to multiply their TFS even before the token will be listed on the exchanges!

And if you don’t have TFS tokens yet, then join the Public Sale and take advantage of the great bonuses, which were also doubled:

  • 15% bonus on top of any purchase of within $500 — $5000 that will be credited to your balance monthly in equal parts within 12 after the token sale completion.
  • 30% bonus for any purchase beyond $5000 that will be credited to your balance monthly in equal parts within 12 after the token sale completion.

However, the bonus is one-time and depends only on your first purchase of TFS tokens.

Please keep in mind that the Public Sale is running till December 1, 2021. This is the last chance to buy TFS directly, with no fees. Starting December 1, TFS tokens will be available through decentralized exchanges.

And if you still have questions about buying or holding TFS tokens or you’re interested in other details, welcome to our Telegram group.

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