How to buy TFS tokens at the private pre-sale

This is a short step-by-step guide on how to purchase the TFS tokens on the upcoming private sale, through both Fairspin website and TFS token website. The private sale itself kicks off on the 21st of September with the total supply set at 200.000.000 TFS tokens and a price 0,0025 $ per token.

  1. Proceed to the TFS Widget.
  2. Make a deposit to Fairspin with the amount of funds that you’d like to purchase the TFS tokens with.

3. Confirm the deposit with your Fairspin balance.

4. After the successful deposit a discount will pop-up with the amount of TFS tokens available to you for this amount of funds. (!) It is very important to hit “Buy” on this step.

5. Hit confirm your purchase.

7. After the successful purchase of the TFS tokens you will see your token balance being replenished weekly according to our vesting schedule.

That’s it!

  1. Proceed to the TFS token website.
  2. Hit “Connect Wallet

3. Connect your MetaMask wallet (!) Please note that only MetaMask wallet is accepted.

4. Make a confirmation transaction to confirm your participation in the private pre-sale

5. Choose the exact amount of TFS tokens you would like to purchase and payment currency (ETH, USDT or USDC).

6. Hit “Buy now” and confirm the transaction within your MetaMask wallet.

That’s it!

Got questions? Get in touch with the TFS Token team through our Telegram group — we’ll be happy to help!

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