How To Properly Top Up Your Fairspin Balance with TFS Tokens

The TFS token is now fully integrated into the Fairspin platform. It can be used as your key gateway into the reward opportunities that lay within the entertainment area. To take full advantage of TFS you need to know how to replenish your balance properly and avoid the most common mistakes that lead to the loss of funds.

To avoid losing your funds while replenishing your balance with TFS tokens, make sure to follow the given instructions available within the Cashier on the TFS Token Page.

How to replenish your balance step-by-step

As of today, there are only two ways how you may do that and both options are available through the cashier. Once you click on the Cashier you will see two options to choose from.

Option #1 — From Fairspin Balance

As the name suggests with this option your balance may be replenished from your Fairspin balance directly. Simply choose how much you would like to convert from your Fairspin balance into USD and click “Buy”. Simple as that.

Option #2 — Crypto

With the second option, you can convert your funds from Ethereum or BSC networks into TFS tokens that could be used freely for all sorts of activities within the Fairspin platform.


Your balance at Fairspin can be replenished only through one of the two options described above, thus it is essential that you follow these steps to avoid losing your funds. Any other way of replenishing your balance such as sending your TFS tokens through the Smart Contract will lead to your funds being lost forever.

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TFS Token

TFS Token

Official Medium Account of TFS Token |

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