TFS Token
2 min readAug 17, 2022

Dear TFS community!

We listen to the wishes of our users and have noticed numerous requests to launch a permanent holding! So we’re pleased to announce that now you have the opportunity to hold without restrictions using a new program — Liquidity Staking in the TFS/USDT pair.
Liquidity Staking rewards will be awarded through a stepwise reward system based on the number of days your tokens are in the staking pool. For example, from the program’s launch up to 7 days, the multiplier will be 30%, from 7 days to 30 days to 60%, from 30 days or more — 100% of the reward. The casino allocates 1% of GGR to the staking pool.

We keep improving and balancing our Play To Earn and Hold To Earn programs!
To reduce the emission and positively impact the TFS token price, we decided to make the reward percentage from GGR lower for the current holding periods.
The profitability of the current Hold To Earn periods is:
8 hours — 1% from GGR;
1 day — 2% from GGR;
3 days — 0,5% from GGR.

📍Changes to the holding’s current periods will come into effect on August 13.

It’s not all announcements yet! Next month we’re planning to launch another tool for making money for the TFS community.
Ready to open the curtain of mystery? A referral program is being prepared for release, which will help make our platform even more popular and boost the TFS economy. Details are coming soon!

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