New Way To Exploit Play-to-Earn

Play-to-earn tokens have become a real sensation in the crypto world. Already in December, the market capitalization of this direction reached $26.5 billion. And this is not surprising, because the play-to-earn model completely changes the concept of games. At the same time, play-to-earn is now only at the formation stage. Many projects are just entering the market and are being developed, offering their users only a perspective, not a finished product. However, Fairspin’s TFS token is already ahead of its “market peers” and provides its owners with an exclusive opportunity to multiply their play-to-earn assets.

Fairspin is the world’s first blockchain casino with its play-to-earn TFS token, providing a transparent gaming environment. Players can always access game results, platform metrics, and be confident that the blockchain protects their gaming experience.

Fairspin’s uniqueness lies in the integrated programs, which are based on the TFS token. These programs are not just a milestone roadmap, these are implemented solutions that are successfully used by the Fairspin community.

For example, the Hold To Earn program allows everyone to multiply TFS tokens. It’s like classic staking but better. The user chooses the staking time (1 hour/1 day/3 days) and at the end of the holding period receives a reward — a share of Fairspin income. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Now is the time to test Hold To Earn and get even more TFS!

You must be the owner of TFS tokens to hold. If that’s okay, then let’s get started.

Step 1. Go to the Fairspin website —, login, and find the TFS TOKEN page.

The token page is a convenient crypto tool where you can not only put your TFS on the holding but also find out data on the total holding, bet analytics, as well as Fairspin indicators.

Step 2. Find the Hold To Earn tab.

Step 3. Decide on the period of your holding (available options: 1 hour, 1 day, 3 days).

Please note that you also have access to information on Avg. APR, on the number of tokens earned, as well as the number of holders.

Step 4. Select the number of TFS tokens for the holding. For convenience, you can immediately put 25%, 50%, 75%, or all your tokens on the holding.

Step 5. Now feel free to click on the Hold button

Step 6. Great job! Click Okay.

Step 7. Now you have time to relax. You can play your favorite games or monitor the current state of your holding.

Step 8. Here you can see how much time is left until the end of your holding, as well as your current reward.

Step 9. After the end of your holding period, check your result. Scroll down the page and find My Hold To Earn History.

Step 10. Repeat your holding!

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TFS Token

TFS Token

Official Medium Account of TFS Token |

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