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3 min readApr 4, 2022


The backbone of the Fairspin platform is its players. It’s you who inspire us to develop and implement unique features that the industry has never seen before!

Fairspin is one of the most transparent gaming platforms, as the blockchain introduction made it possible to provide the fairest gaming conditions.

The internal TFS token is the basis of unique loyalty programs that bring our players and this asset owners additional opportunities to receive rewards.

Recall, that Hold To Earn implies traditional crypto staking program where you can hold your token and get rewarded for doing so. The reward is a certain percentage of the platform’s income that is distributed among all members of the holding.

What’s more, every Fairspin user can automatically receive tokens from each bet within the Play To Earn program as a tokenized rakeback! The received tokens can be operated both on the exchange and put them on a holding in order to get even more TFS!

The TFS team is always responsive to user suggestions, so we’re integrating a new feature for active players!

We present you an improved holding for those who receive tokenized cashback as part of Play To Earn.

Advanced holding is implemented with a dynamic limit on the maximum number of tokens that can be put in Hold To Earn. This limit will be updated after each player’s bet.

Now everyone can become a VIP-holder by accumulating a limit for an improved holding, actively playing their favorite games and receiving TFS through the Play To Earn program.

At the same time, you still have the opportunity to participate in the Hold To Earn program without the necessary limit.

New Hold To Earn program terms

4h — 2,5 % (limit)

1d — 5 % (limit)

3d — 1,5% (no limit)

After your holding for 4 hours and for 1 day, tokens are debited from this limit.

The TFS limit for a holding is calculated using the formula:

5,000 x the number of TFS received in the Play To Earn program.

How does it work?

User Bob logs into his personal account and goes to the TFS token page in order to put his tokens on the holding. Before he played his favorite games on Fairspin, his limit is 0 TFS on advanced holding. Bob had a great time playing games and automatically getting rakeback in tokens. For example, he managed to get 500 TFS in games today.

He can put 5000×500 = 2500000 TFS in Hold To Earn and get even more tokens after the holding period ends!

It’s worth noting that as soon as you put tokens in the Hold To Earn program, the holding amount is debited from your limit.

Play in a transparent environment, get TFS tokens, and multiply them on your balance!



TFS Token

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