Since the creation of Fairspin in 2018 we’ve gained the trust of our loyal community as a trustworthy platform with over 300.000 registered users and a pool of 13.000 of active players monthly. Everything we’ve been doing so far is designed to make the user experience more enjoyable. As one of the industry leaders we’re constantly thinking about what’s next for Fairspin and today we’re excited to share that vision.

What’s next for Fairspin?

We’ve been always looking towards blockchain as the next step in our evolution process towards openness and security as a platform. This is one of the primary reasons why we’ve decided to partner with TruePlay to help us tokenize our loyalty program and introduce a token of our own that will circulate within the platform.

TruePlay is a secure business tokenization platform that will grant us access to its ecosystem and open new possibilities to us and players alike with the release of the TFS token.

What is the TFS token?

TFS token is a digital currency that will serve as an alternative payment method within the Fairspin platform as well as replace our current loyalty program. Users can transfer, withdraw or exchange TFS for fiat at any time.

● TFS is an ERC20 token.

Play to Earn program. TFS tokens will be credited to all players at the end of the playday as a reward for playing.

Hold to Earn program. Holding of tokens will become available via the TruePlay widget in the platform’s dashboard.

● The emission of tokens is regulated by smart contracts that will generate a certain amount of TFS tokens based on the current exchange price and the daily income of the platform.

● TFS is a deflationary token with a limited supply, meaning it offers a limited total supply of tokens and a regular monthly buyback in which a certain percentage of tokens is withdrawn from circulation.

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