TFS AMA Session Recap

TFS Token x Alex CBO at Trueplay

Venue: @tfstoken_group

Date: 25th of January, 2022

Time: 14:00 UTC


TFS AMA is now Live! 🔥

We’re excited to welcome you all to our latest AMA session! Alex CBO at Trueplay will answer the most intriguing questions from the community and unravel the mystery behind TFS’s future announcements, so stay with us!

During the AMA session, all messages from the community will be disabled. Now let’s dive in, shall we?

Alex, please introduce yourself to the community:)

Alex | Chief Business Officer at Trueplay

Hey everyone, thanks for having me here today!

here is Alex, I am CBO at Trueplay since 2017 and I’ve been intto crypto for a while. I know, there’re tons of questions are coming:) So let’s try to cover them all.

Question #1

What inspired you to create TFS?

Alex | Chief Business Officer at Trueplay

The idea behind the creation of TFS was spontaneous as we’ve realized that an introduction of a token within the Fairspin ecosystem will boost the platform growth and open new reward opportunities for players worldwide.

Question #2

The TFS token is really great yet very unknown. People are scared that the value drop to 0 and dump their rewards instantly. That said, the value of the token won’t be able to go up anytime soon, and the economy can’t rely on buyback on the long run. What will be the future incentives for people to hold their token for long times? Longer lock times? Earning USDT or another well established crypto in parralel of TFS?

Alex | Chief Business Officer at Trueplay

TFS is one of a kind token because it is integrated into a well-established platform with thousands of active users and a yearly turnover of millions of dollars. This guarantees that the demand for TFS tokens will last as the platform user base grows over time.Additionally, we’ve introduced the Hold To Earn program which rewards users for holding TFS tokens by sharing a certain percentage of the platform income in-between program participants, thus creating a risk-free situation for Hold to Earn program members. So technically, the idea of H2E is a well-known staking mechanic where you can’t lose.

Question #3

Is there gonna be any change in “HOLD to Earn ‘’ reward system in terms of currency? As many people believe that whale might sell there daily gains which could affect the price negatively.

Alex | Chief Business Officer at Trueplay

No, all users will be rewarded with TFS tokens only through the Hold To Earn program.Token price volatility is indeed a risk, yet this applies to all crypto tokens out there. TFS is unique as it is backed by a well-established platform with thousands of active users (and it’s growing) worldwide, thus ensuring trust in its promising future.

Question #4

When will you introduce an option to withdraw funds directly to a crypto wallet without your participation?

Alex | Chief Business Officer at Trueplay

As of today, such a feature is not available, however, we are working tirelessly to introduce the most requested features from the community. If interest in such a feature from the community arises, we will make sure to introduce it in future platform updates. You may also check out what features we’ve introduced just recently on our Medium.

Question #5

For how long will the Hold To Earn program be available? And when will you raise the reward amount percentage?

Alex | Chief Business Officer at Trueplay

Yes, the Hold To Earn platform is here to stay. As for the reward percentage amount, Fairspin team doubled the reward amount percentage just 2 months ago and I personally don’t know if they have any plans to increase it even more just yet.

Question #6

Do you have plans for new partnerships?

Alex | Chief Business Officer at Trueplay

Indeed, we do but we cannot make any announcements just yet until everything is settled. A couple of things that I am able to share:

- TFS will get some new gamified features;

- Trueplay will be launching more platforms to the market.

Question #7

Why is the TFS price not $0.008?

Alex | Chief Business Officer at Trueplay

TFS token price isn’t regulated but is defined by the market demand such as ETH, BTC etc.

Question #8

What actions of the team provoke the growth of the token price?

Alex | Chief Business Officer at Trueplay

TFS token is fully integrated into the Fairspin platform with thousands of users and it is expected to grow as the platform market share continues to grow. Additionally, as a Trueplay team we’re constantly working to introduce new features to the TFS, new reward opportunities, and unique offers to encourage more and more people to join in on the unlimited reward options of the TFS token.

Question #9

When can I buy TFS on Binance?

Alex | Chief Business Officer at Trueplay

TFS token will be listed on other exchanges over time, I cannot make any announcements just yet, but I believe the Fairspin team will announce the listing as soon as they are ready.

Question #10

You say that all bets are recorded in the blockchain. Where can we watch it?

Alex | Chief Business Officer at Trueplay

Oh yeah! The one thing that has not been announced yet — the blockchain explorer. The blockchain explorer will be your gateway to track all betting\winnings details within the platform. The explorer itself is still under development though, so stay tuned for updates! Wanna me share some UI screens?)

Group Admin | TFS Token

That would be great!

Alex | Chief Business Officer at Trueplay

It’s still under development and we are working really hard to get it done and roll out to users.

Question #11

Any plans on adding more liquidity in DEX?

Alex | Chief Business Officer at Trueplay

The short answer is yes! Once all the transactions are being processed in the chain, there will be more liquidity added. As you can see, when users purchase a TFS token from a casino balance the transaction doesn’t reflect on the BSC/ETH network. For such transactions, Fairspin does perform buyback from DEX within a randomly chosen time frame.

Question #12

Are you guys gonna implement referral system in Fairspin?

Alex | Chief Business Officer at Trueplay

We are aware of such requests from the community, yet it would be better to direct such questions to the Fairspin team directly — @fairspinsupport ^^^

Just to make things clear, Trueplay provides the technology which tokenizes any kind of online business and Fairpin is our first commercial client from the iGaming industry.

Question #13

Why did you do a soft launch? (Basically a rug pull)

Alex | Chief Business Officer at Trueplay

woow, the rug pull 😎

Okay, let’s try to figure it out together. Technically, rug pull is a malicious maneuver where crypto developers/owners abandon a project and run away with investors’ funds. None from TFS investors lost anything, even more — based on TFS group activities, the major group of investors is happy about the launch and stake their TFS tokens on the daily basis.

133+221+429 = 783 users are staking their TFS tokens, insane.

Question #14

Why did you not burn all coins from start like you said you were going to?

Alex | Chief Business Officer at Trueplay

Well, actually most of the tokens have already been burned. The rest of the tokens are frozen for 1 year and will be burned sometime next year. This decision is to be made by Fairspin only when they want those tokens to be burned.

Question #15

What kind of marketing are you planning for the future?

Alex | Chief Business Officer at Trueplay

As we speak, TFS team is working on a road map for 2022. Very soon we will make an official announcement and we’ll share all of our plans for this year!

Group Admin | TFS Token

Thank you so much Alex for your answers! Hopefully, TFS community has found them fulfilling :)



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