TFS Roadmap for 2022: Progressive Holding, Transparency, and Moving to a New Blockchain!

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5 min readFeb 7, 2022


The Fairspin platform has proven to the industry that blockchain integration can improve everything and provide users with a new experience level.

In 2021, the team managed to issue its play-to-earn TFS token, make it an essential platform component, and list TFS on the top DEXs.

Today, each Fairspin player has the opportunity to become the owner of a unique crypto asset and get additional TFS on their balance with the Play To Earn program by playing their favorite games. Moreover, platform users actively use the holding program and receive tokenized rewards, increasing the number of their TFS.

Despite a lot of work done in 2021, the TFS team has many more exciting challenges ahead of them, which will be an excellent addition to existing programs and contribute to the development of the token. What’s more, Fairspin plans to increase its GGR by 5x in 2022.

The TFS team presents the 2022 Roadmap!

*Disclaimer: the plans presented in Q2-Q3 are preliminary and will be updated monthly.


The first quarter of 2022 is dedicated to improving the Play To Earn and Hold To Earn programs and providing a completely transparent environment for users to interact with Fairspin.

2FA Authorization. Of course, first of all, the development team took care of 2FA Authorization. As a result, two-factor authentication can now be used when withdrawing funds from the TFS token page.

Multipliers on Hold To Earn. We always welcome feedback from our community because we know how to improve our programs, thanks to you. Very soon, you will receive bonuses to the holding reward if you participate in Hold To Earn a certain number of days in a row. All the details of this update will be published very soon in our Telegram.

Multipliers on Play To Earn. Of course, the Play To Earn program will also be improved. Similar to Hold To Earn, you will have the opportunity to receive a guaranteed cashback bonus for games if you play a certain number of days.

Important note.

The reward pools size in the Hold To Earn program will be reduced, however, our users will receive additional bonuses for their activity in games — multipliers up to x10! Thus, the prize pools will become 10 times smaller after the update.

This decision was made in order to maintain the tokenomics and ensure future buybacks. Please note that the buyback is based on platform revenue. Thus, the main task of tokenomics is to encourage active players.

Blockchain Explorer. TFS is a crypto asset based on complete transparency. That is why every Fairspin user will have access to the Explorer, a public space of all TFS token transactions. With the help of this service, you can check the information about any bet or hold at any time.

Notifications on TFS Token Page. There will be internal notifications on the web on the TFS token page for the most comfortable interaction with the token and crypto programs.

New charts on Widget. Q1 will also introduce a new chart type on the TFS token page.

Finance info block. Of the updates, it is also worth noting the appearance of a block on the TFS token page with information on deposit and withdrawal transactions.


During Q2, the TFS team will continue to develop new features for its users and holders.

Hold To Earn via MetaMask. Authorization to the TFS token page will become possible directly from your crypto wallet. Moreover, in this way, each TFS owner will be able to hold their tokens and increase their number.

Worldwide access to the TFS Token Page. There are no boundaries for TFS! A separate web for the TFS token Page will be introduced, which will not be linked to Fairspin. Thus, a user from anywhere in the world can manage their TFS.

Permanent Hold To Earn. Q2 will also introduce a perpetual holding, in which you will be required to claim your reward. The longer the holding period you choose, the greater your reward!

Leaderboard on Hold To Earn. Everyone should know the holding leaders! That’s why we’ll add a competitive spirit to our platform and plan to introduce a constantly updated table of holding champions.

Referral program. TFS is an asset that brings people together, and the scaling of the platform is proof of that fact. Many friends of our users join us, so we decided to reward you for your active help in TFS development! Already in the second quarter of 2022, by inviting your friends to our community, you will receive bonuses from their holding and tokenized cashback.


Q3 will be dedicated to even more gamification!

Gamification module. On the TFS page, you will be able to participate in exciting competitions and complete tasks, receiving play-to-earn tokens as a reward.

Tournaments. Our team is actively working on creating the most exciting tournaments you can participate in without leaving the TFS token page!


TFS on Trueplay Blockchain. Together with the Trueplay platform, the TFS team is planning a significant step — the transition to the Trueplay Blockchain, which is currently under active development. This step will be announcing a new chapter in the play-to-earn direction developing!

NFT features. Of course, we cannot ignore the colossal NFT industry and try to always keep up with the trends and current user requests. That is why, by the end of 2022, NFT assets are expected to appear, which will improve the gaming experience and provide an opportunity to receive more rewards.

How do you like our grandiose plans for 2022? We’re confident that with your support, we will be able to implement them and provide you with an even more advanced gaming environment based on transparency and fairness!

Let us know in the comments what updates you are most looking forward to, and join our community on social media!



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