TFS Token Sale — Major Announcement

Ever since the introduction of the TFS token earlier this year, our loyal community has been asking the same question over and over again. When are we planning to list the TFS token? Today we are excited to reveal the date.

As the excitement around the Hold To Earn program constantly grows, we’ve decided to combine the current public sale with the next, final round before listing on DEXs.

Please read about the upcoming updates carefully and choose the best way to own TFS tokens.

November 1 is the final opportunity to purchase TFS for a discounted price of just $0,003 per token with the vesting period attached. 20% unlocked on November 1 and the rest 80% will be unlocked every month within the year.

Do not forget we offer bonuses:

If you get a bonus, you can put tokens on hold right away.

To make it easier for Fairspin users, we offered to buy tokens directly on the TFS page at Fairspin using Fairspin balance deposit. WE ARE CLOSING THIS OPTION.

Starting November 1, an option to purchase tokens through the Deposit button will no longer be available. The only way to purchase tokens will be available through the token sale page.

From November 1, the price of TFS goes up from $0,003 to $0,004 per token. Yet with no vesting period attached.

Additionally, we are doubling our bonuses:

It’s a one-time bonus, so make sure to process a single transaction.

Let’s sum up!

On December 1, we

To refill its supply for Play To Earn and Hold To Earn programs, Fairspin will use a buyback mechanism.

The buyback mechanism is centered around Play To Earn and Hold To Earn programs through which users get rewarded and the supply of tokens that are being credited to them as a reward isn’t limitless, thus it needs to be constantly replenished. This is exactly why we will be purchasing the TFS tokens back monthly through the exchange or users directly, thus replenishing the supply and limiting the overall amount of tokens offered as well as guaranteeing the circulation of the tokens.

Now it’s time for the best news for our TFS holders.

Starting December 1, we double the reward pool of the Hold To Earn program from 6% to 12%. As of today, the Fairspin platform shares 6% of its daily income through the program and from December 1st this amount will increase to 12% total.

For those of you who suffer from a significant Ethereum gas price, we are happy to share that we are going to add a BNB smart chain. The date is to be announced, so stay tuned!

Either you buy TFS now for a lower price and a lockup period or buy TFS after November 1 for a higher price but with no vesting conditions, do not miss a chance to earn more tokens in the Hold To Earn program. Since the public launch of the TFS token over 1,5 month ago Fairspin users have shared over $90,000 in TFS tokens between them by simply putting their assets on hold. You can do that too.

And if you still have questions about buying or holding TFS tokens or you’re interested in other details, welcome to our Telegram group.

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