TFS Tokenomics: Distribution, Holding Rewards Details

You know that Fairspin always prioritizes honesty and transparency, so information on the distribution of TFS tokens is available to each user.

TFS tokenomics are designed in such a way that everyone has the opportunity to get the most out of the platform. At the same time, it’s necessary to understand that the tokens emission is limited, which could make this asset in demand after listing on exchanges.

Private Round: 8,00% (200 000 000 TFS)

For the Private Round of the Sale, 8% or 200,000,000 TFS tokens were intended, which were successfully sold out in less than a day. 20% became available during one week after the Public Sale, and another 80% are unlocked during 12 months (6.7% per month).

Public Sale Round: 24,00% (600 000 000 TFS)

TFS tokenomics assumes the maximum allowable number of tokens for sale — 600,000,000 TFS from the Total Supply. 20% is already unlocked, and the remaining 80% will be unlocked during 12 months, at 6.7% per month. Such lockup conditions apply to all TFS holders who purchased tokens in the first round of Public Token Sale before November 1, 2021 at a price of $0.003 per token. For all participants of the next Token Sale rounds that has started on November 1, there is a fixed price of 0.004 per token. At the same time, these tokens are already without a lockup period and are immediately displayed on the TFS balance on the TFS page here.

IDO Round: 4,00% (100 000 000 TFS)

We don’t exclude the possibility of IDO. It’s planned to sell 4.00% of the total emission for this part, and all tokens sold in this round will be unlocked immediately after the end of the IDO. But if it’s decided not to carry out IDO, then 100,000,000 TFS will be included in the Public Sale pool.

Hold To Earn program reward: 30,00% (750 000 000 TFS)

750,000,000 TFS, which is 30.00% of the Total Supply, will be distributed among holders in our Hold To Earn program. The tokens obtained in this way are unblocked and are immediately available to the next holdings.

Tokens for pools set up: 20,00% (500 000 000 TFS)

500,000,000 TFS are dedicated to operating activities. For example, these tokens will be listed on exchanges and will be available without a lock immediately after purchasing on DEX.

Payment operations: 14,00% (350 000 000 TFS)

Scaling a project is always associated with various financial payments in specialized events. 350,000,000 TFS tokens have been allocated for Fairspin platform purposes.

Why is the number of purchased tokens and tokens in Hold To Earn not the same?

A specific number of tokens are allocated for each segment of TFS activity. By participating in Hold To Earn, you receive tokens from the Hold To Earn program reward pool, which is 750,000,000 TFS.

But when buying TFS via Token Sale, you are credited with tokens from the Public Sale Round pool, which is 24.00% of all issued TFS.

As a reminder, the Play To Earn program is a great chance to play exciting games and get cashback in TFS tokens. And Hold To Earn is an opportunity to multiply tokens on your balance, receiving a percentage of the reward pool by blocking a certain amount of your TFS.

Why did payouts in Hold To Earn decrease?

It’s worth noting that recently the unlocking of those TFSs that were purchased via MetaMask took place, and tokens purchased with the lockup conditions in the Private Sale and in the first round of the Public Sale will be credited in equal parts within 12 months.

That is, TFS owners have the opportunity to claim their part of the tokens and immediately put them on holding. Based on this, the amount of the holding will grow sharply, and the reward percentage for each holder will decrease, because the reward pool is distributed among all holding participants.

It should also be borne in mind that those users who started holding from the Hold To Earn program launch were able to earn more TFS and continue to hold them.

And, of course, the Play To Earn and Hold To Earn programs are becoming more and more popular, attracting more new users. Thus, recently, you may have noticed low holding rates and an increase in the number of people and funds in the Hold To Earn program.

Based on this, new holding conditions will be available for all users from November 15. The reward pool will be increased from 6% to 9% and new holding periods are introduced:

1 hour hold duration: 0.5% reward pool

24 hours hold duration: 2.5% reward pool

3 days hold duration: 6% reward pool

Important information for all TFS token owners

All TFS tokens that will not be sold via TFS Token Sale will be burned, which should have a great impact on the asset price. Since TFS has a limited emission, the token owners are interested in fewer tokens on the market to achieve a higher rate on the exchanges.

So, it’s time to hold and multiply your TFS before they become available only on decentralized exchanges!



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