TFS Tokens Burning: Growth Course Accepted

The TFS token is a unique play-to-earn token that is integrated into the Fairspin platform. This asset is the basis of exclusive reward programs and the key to new gaming opportunities.

TFS is making good progress on its roadmap and the Private Sale, Public Sale, and IDO rounds are completed.

As previously announced, TFS is entering the crypto market and the community is waiting for the majority of tokens to be burned.

This cannot but rejoice the TFS owners, because at all stages of the Sale there was a great demand for this asset.

Total tokens sold:

Private Sale: 200 000 000 TFS

Public Sale: 251 422 747 TFS

IDO: 87 500 000 TFS

Amount of funds raised: $2,005,690.99

Burned tokens: 1,019,999,999 TFS

It was decided to make a token in two networks (Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain), so two smart contracts were launched with a maximum allowable capitalization of 2,500,000,000.

Thus the burned number of TFS is 1,019,999,999 TFS on Ethereum❕

2,145,000,000 TFS on Binance Smart Chain

After burning the Ethereum emission is 1 480 000 000 TFS, and BSC emission is 355 000 000. So, the total supply is 1 835 000 000. According to the established terms of the smart contract, 961 077 253 TFS will be burned in a year.

Updated tokenomics:

Private sale = 200,000,000 TFS

Public Sale = 251 422 747 TFS

IDO = 87 500 000 TFS

Hold To Earn reward = 100,000,000 TFS

Tokens for pools set up = 180,000,000 TFS

Payment operations = 55,000,000 TFS

Frozen tokens = 961 077 253 TFS

Circulating supply: 440,865,659 TFS



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