TFSBeta token & Tokenized cash back now available for a limited number of players

TFS Token
2 min readAug 10, 2021


This season Fairspin is introducing the biggest addition to the platform since its launch in 2018. We’ve set an ambitious goal to improve user experience by providing numerous income opportunities for players worldwide. The core system behind this idea is the Play to Earn program, which enables us to send TFS tokens instantly in a form of a cash back for making a bet at Fairspin that can later be used for basically anything: playing, trading, staking within the platform and more.

What is the TFSbeta token?

TFSbeta token is a new digital cryptocurrency that will be used within the Fairspin platform as an alternative payment method. As the name suggests, TFSbeta token is currently in its final stages of testing prior to full launch & integration into the platform and during this period it will be credited only to randomly chosen players at Fairspin. Anyone lucky enough to obtain TFSbeta tokens during this period will get to keep them and use them in any way they see fit.

“Play to Earn” rules for the TFSbeta token acquiring:

● TFSbeta is a virtual token that will be converted into ERC-20 token after the token sale.

● TFSbeta tokens will be credited to randomly chosen players at Fairspin immediately after a bet is made with the exact reward amount vary based on two factors such as the game type and the bet amount.

● The emission of tokens is regulated by smart contracts that will generate a certain amount of TFSbeta tokens based on the current exchange price and daily platform income divided by the total active players throughout the day.

Have you checked your Fairspin account yet? You might be amongst the lucky few ones to get credited with TFSbeta tokens! Let us know in our official Telegram chat!