Transparency Report: How Trueplay Eradicates Fraud and System Bugs

TFS Token
2 min readMay 10, 2022

Two weeks ago, there was a bug with invalid bets on the game providers’ side, which some players used for their profit.

Incorrect transactions got into the Trueplay system. While the user didn’t have enough funds on balance for the bet in one of the slot game, the system reported an error. However, this error was still fixed as a bet.

However, if a bet does not result in a win, then the entire amount of the bet is taken into account in GGR.

This error was used by two users, who were credited with erroneous rewards, and the loss at non-existent rates was taken into account in the casino GGR.

In the event of an error, WIN simply doesn’t exist, as a result of which tokens were erroneously credited to users in the Hold To Earn and Play To Earn programs.

Of course, the problem was solved, and the correct results were credited to all users. The bets were marked as invalid and data were corrected in the Explorer.

The Bona Fides Affiliate Program, which operates on Trueplay’s solution, also suffered from this bug. Due to incorrect GGR, several webmasters received erroneous figures for their income. To settle our relationship, affected webmasters will receive x2 payments.

Trueplay closely monitors fraud, and in the future, such transactions will have a certain mark in the Explorer. Thus, the recalculation of already issued transactions will not take place, this process will be carried out automatically, and data on all balances and rewards, excluding fraud bets, will be published in the explorer as additional corrective transactions.

As a result, transparency will be preserved even in the event of hacking attempts or unexpected bugs.