Transparency Report: Loyalty Programs Update

TFS Token
2 min readJul 1, 2022

We are continuing to evolve and happy to announce the update of the Play To Earn and Hold To Earn programs!

Play To Earn bonuses increase
First of all, we are glad to announce that Play To Earn bonuses have been increased by 50%.

This means that now every Fairspin bet will bring you even more rakeback in TFS tokens!

It’s even easier to reach your staking limit now!

Hold To Earn program changes
While the Play To Earn program increased, Hold To Earn needed some balance.

That is why, Hold To Earn conditions have been also updated to balance the bonuses:

8 hours — 2.0%

1 day — 4.0%

3 days — 1.0%

Why these changes were made

As you know a part of the casino’s income goes to our loyalty programs::

Play To Earn — 6% of GGR

Hold To Earn — 9% of GGR

But for a few last months, these percentages were unstable. Last month with a GGR of $612,897, Play To Earn took only 5.05% ($31,001), and Hold To Earn increased to 12.09% ($74,133). That is why our team made a decision to balance loyalty programs.

Now you can increase your limit on staking and put your tokens on hold with an attractive percentage of income on it.

Play for fun, win and get even MORE tokens!