Trueplay Explorer Integration: Fairspin’s Guaranteed Transparency

Fairspin is the first entertainment platform in its segment that takes the most out of blockchain technology. We not only implemented crypto operations but also issued our own TFS token, on the basis of which unique loyalty programs operate.

The Fairspin platform is an ambassador of honest relations with its players, and according to the Roadmap for 2022, based on the Trueplay solution is launched!

Trueplay Explorer is the key to a transparent blockchain interaction with the platform, as it displays transactions data, as well as Fairspin’s statistics.

In the Search bar, each user can enter the Transaction ID, Wallet ID, Game Action ID and get all the necessary information.

The Explorer also displays a chart of Trueplay bet volume in USD. At the moment, you can see the Fairspin bet volume.

In the Network Stats tab, you can track the price of the TFS token, the number of bets for today, and the Total casino income. This tab also shows the market capitalization of the token, which is calculated by the formula: the number of tokens in circulation × the token’s price.

Check out the Latest Game Actions. Here, the data includes Bet and Win records.

Each record has its own hash, which begins with bx0. By the hash, you can see the details of the game action.

By clicking on a game action hash, you will see information about the operator, game type, game action type (win or bet), bet size, reward received for the bet, date, tag, and the user id who made the bet.

Bet transaction

Win transaction

Information about all transactions is available in the Latest Transactions tab: rewards in Play To Earn and Hold To Earn, deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and distribution.

Using the hash in Latest Transactions, you can see data on the sender and recipient, transaction size, transaction currency, date, and its status.

Welcome to the transparent space of entertainment! Play your favorite games, get tokenized cashback on every bet and multiply your TFS with confidence in the Fairspin platform.



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