What is Expected on TFS Token Page: 2FA, Liquidity Staking, Hold To Earn Updates

TFS Token
2 min readMay 13, 2022

The TFS team continues to improve loyalty programs and increase the level of security, cheerfully responding to community requests.

It’s thanks to you that Fairspin is a unique gaming environment with tokenized features.

We’re glad to announce that our users will be able to enjoy updates very soon. Which ones? We can’t keep it a secret!


Your account will be more protected thanks to 2-factor authentication.

Each time you want to withdraw tokens from the widget, you’ll need to confirm it via your email. This authentication is different from the one you pass when you login to Fairspin. So make sure 2FA is enabled on the TFS token page.

More protection — safer environment for your earnings!

Liquidity Staking

There will be a new opportunity for permanent staking, so you can earn even more! Permanent staking will be possible if you stake tokens together with USDT. This means, you can stake your tokens indefinitely. When you want to withdraw, you can either withdraw your interest only, keeping the tokens in the stake, or withdraw all tokens with interest. This is different from the usual staking on Hold To Earn, where interest is automatically added to your account when staking time is over, as you can actively choose what you withdraw. All tokens sent to this type of staking will be sent to the PancakeSwap DEX.

Hold To Earn Updates

Staking with Hold To Earn will become even better!

We’re working on a tool to control the operator’s rewards. Earlier, if there was a mistake or a bug on the provider’s side, the GGR was counted incorrectly. As a result, some players used bugs for their profit, and some didn’t get fair rewards. To fix this, we’ve made an instrument that regularly checks the correlation between GGR and the operator’s rewards. So, you can be sure that you’ll get what you earned, without any mistakes. The fraud is excluded, because in the future, invalid transactions will have a certain mark in the Explorer. Thus, the recalculation of already issued transactions will not take place, this process will be carried out automatically, and data on all balances and rewards, excluding fraud bets, will be published in the explorer as additional corrective transactions. This will be displayed on your TFS token page too.

Stay tuned!