If you want to buy tokens through the Fairspin platform

  1. Proceed to the TFS Widget.
  2. Make a deposit to Fairspin with the amount of funds that you’d like to purchase the TFS tokens with.

What is the “Hold to Earn” program?

What is the TFS Widget?

Satoshi Club × TFS Token

Venue : @satoshi_club

Date : 30th of August, 2021

Time : 3 : 00 PM UTC

  • First, Fairspin as a casino offers several bonus programs, including instant cashback in its TFS tokens.
  • Second, TFS launches bounty programs & giveaways. …

What is the TFSbeta token?

Fairspin providers are ready for platform tokenization

What is the TFS token?

What’s next for Fairspin?

TFS Token

Official Medium Account of TFS Token | tfstoken.com

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