Buyback in Action! Transparency Report for March 2022

The TFS community is looking forward to this news, and we won’t keep you waiting.

The tokenomics of the internal token of the Fairspin platform is showing its effectiveness, and players are actively receiving even more TFS through the Play To Earn and Hold To Earn programs.

You no doubt already know that Fairspin is an ambassador for transparency, and one of the keys to TFS’s long-term success is the buybacks our team makes on an ongoing basis.

We are in a hurry to share with you the statistics for 03/31/2022.

Casino income was $746,745.15, and buybacks for March were $8,076.

At the same time, the amount of deposits was 147 014,77, and the result of the withdrawal is -245 878,61 TFS.

Transactions links:

Hash 1

Hash 2 —

Hash 3

Hash 4

Hash 5

Hash 6

Hash 7

Hash 8

Hash 9

Fairspin players had a great March and managed to get $33,823.47 in TFS tokens in Play To Earn. Holders didn’t stand aside either, and in March, our users received $74,376.86 in TFS through the Hold To Earn program.

As a reminder, every Fairspin user can track the platform GGR in In addition, other valuable data about the platform and its transparent interaction with each user is also available there.

Read more about Trueplay Blockchain Explorer in .



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