Know more about the TFS utility token, its distribution, upcoming token sales, and its ties to FairSpin & TruePlay.

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We are Fairspin — an international online platform with a user pool of over 300.000 users worldwide. We’ve partnered with TruePlay to introduce a new token to the platform alongside new features & opportunities that will drastically change the way users interact with the Fairspin platform. To learn more why Fairspin launches the TFS token visit our medium page.

What is the TFS token?

Key Points of the TFS token

Play to Earn program. TFS tokens will be credited to all users at the end of the playday as a reward for playing.

Hold to Earn program. Holding of tokens will become available via the TruePlay widget in the platform’s dashboard.

● The emission of tokens is regulated by smart contracts that will generate a certain amount of TFS tokens based on the current exchange price and the daily income of the platform.

● TFS is a deflationary token with a limited supply, meaning it offers a limited total supply of tokens and a regular monthly buyback in which a certain percentage of tokens is withdrawn from circulation.

Allocation of Tokens

Allocation of tokens is divided into 4 stages:

The distribution of TFS will kick off with 3 rounds of a Private Sale, Pre-Sale and IDO with a limited supply of 900 million tokens listed for sale. Token price on each rounds will be set at:
- 0,0025 $ on Private Round
- 0,003 $ on Pre-Sale Round
- On IDO price starts from 0,004 $

2nd Stage:

After the sale of tokens is complete a pool of 10–20% of tokens sold at the auction will be moved to Uniswap with the final IDO price increased by 50–100%.

3rd Stage:

The token staking program is unlocked via the FairSpin dashboard where you can store your tokens for profit.

Staking options:

  • 1 day — Reward pool 1% from Fairspin’s Daily Income.
  • 3 days — Reward pool 3% from Fairspin’s Daily Income.
  • 7 days — Reward pool 8% from Fairspin’s Daily Income.

4th Stage:

Token distribution program will be announced with a limited emission to 20% instantly and 6,7% every months, which users can claim anytime.

In Conclusion

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